Our team

Right now, we are an interim team, focused on the delivery of early proof-of-concept projects and readying the new organisation for incorporation and form into its new not-for-profit structure.

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What we are

GOFCoE’s current team brings together experts from a variety of fields, including financial services, fintech, consultancy, and academia. Members of the team have a strong entrepreneurial spirit; four of them have created their own businesses. Together, the team combines academic excellence with a sharp commercial focus.

While GOFCoE will sit independently from the University of Edinburgh once incorporated in early 2021, the centre will retain strong links with the university’s schools and computing services This means it can tap into the research strength of a globally-renowned institution and its world-leading computer power.

Meet the team

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Kevin Collins

Interim CEO

Kevin Collins is the Interim CEO at GOFCoE, and one of the founders of the GOFCoE idea. He currently leads the interim management team, deploying the Strength in Places grant that is funding the start-up phase of the Centre towards establishing GOFCoE as an independent not-for-profit legal entity.

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Image of Patrick Craig

Patrick Craig

Value Proposition Development Lead

Patrick’s role at GOFCoE is to support the Research and Innovation agenda, with a strong focus on managing early External Engagement opportunities. His key expertise lies in Domestic and International Banking, operating within businesses, as well as at consultancy level.  

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Louise Cullum, Legal Support for GOFCoE, University of Edinburgh Legal Services Team

Louise Cullum

Legal Support for GOFCoE, University of Edinburgh Legal Services Team

Louise is a solicitor in the University of Edinburgh’s Legal Services team and provides legal support for all areas of GOFCoE activity. She is an experienced solicitor with a corporate background and demonstrated history of working in the research industry.

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Image of Mia Dowman

Mia Dowman

Engagement & Work Stream Lead for Social Impact

Mia Dowman is the Engagement and Work Stream Lead for Social Impact at GOFCoE. Mia is focused on catalysing stakeholders with shared interests to access data evidence and research insight to help solve societal problems related to financial inclusion and wellbeing.

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Image of Mark Graham

Mark Graham

Public Sector Engagement Lead

Mark was the socio-economic Impact lead in PwC UK before becoming an independent contractor. He has extensive experience of strategic reviews, business cases, public policy and investment analysis.

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Fiona Grierson, Executive Administration and Project Support

Fiona Grierson

Executive Administration and Project Support

‘Fiona Grierson provides executive administrative and project support with PA services to members of the GOFCoE team via FDATA.

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Image of Fiona Grieve

Fiona Grieve

HR Resourcing Partner

Fiona is the HR Resourcing Partner at GOFCoE and is responsible for delivering HR and Recruitment services and advice.

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Image of Nick Hall

Nick Hall

Interim Chief Commercial Officer

Nick Hall is the Interim Chief Commercial Officer at GOFCoE. His role is to create the engagement strategy and capability to ensure we become a self-sustaining, self-funding business.

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Stephen Ingledew

Executive Chair of FinTech Scotland, and GOFCoE Management Team Advisor

Stephen is the Executive Chair of Fintech Scotland and an advisor to the GOFCoE interim management team. He is one of the founders of the GOFCoE idea.

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Image of Gavin Littlejohn

Gavin Littlejohn

Interim Chief Research & Innovation Officer

Gavin Littlejohn is the interim Chief Research and Innovation Officer for GOFCoE and one of the founders of the original idea for the organisation.

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Image of Sorcha Lorimer

Sorcha Lorimer

Interim Chief Privacy & Risk Officer

Sorcha Lorimer is the Interim Chief Privacy & Risk Officer at GOFCoE; provided via Trace privacy solutions Sorcha is a qualified privacy and risk professional with over a decade in digital and data governance leadership, including a Fortune 500 company where she was Global Head of Digital.

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Abby Manz

Impact Strategy Manager

Abigail Manz is the Impact Strategy Manager for GOFCoE and is responsible for the management of the monitoring and evaluation and impact measurement strategies for the organisation.

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Image of Damien McGarrigle

Damien McGarrigle

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Damien McGarrigle is the Interim Chief Operating Officer at GOFCoE. His role is to lead the operational delivery of the new organisation: to design, build and implement the mechanisms to support and scale it.

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Image of Nick Radcliffe

Nick Radcliffe

Chief Data Scientist

Nick Radcliffe is the interim Chief Data Scientist for GOFCoE. In this role he leads our data science capability and the building of data assets at the heart of GOFCoE projects.

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Image of Dougie Robb

Dougie Robb

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Dougie Robb is the Interim Chief Financial Officer at GOFCoE. Dougie is a qualified chartered accountant with over 20 years of experience in practice and in industry, including early stage business experience and CFO positions.

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Image of Ewan Robertson

Ewan Robertson

Project Lead

Ewan provides Project Leadership on multiple GOFCoE projects, via FDATA He is a Chartered Accountant and has over 20 years of experience in retail and SME financial services and commercial consulting.

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Image of Kevin Telford

Kevin Telford

Deputy Chief Research & Innovation Officer

Kevin Telford is the interim lead building the Global Economic Observatory with partners at GOFCoE and Deputy Chief Research and Innovation Officer, building value propositions to safely unlock the potential of customer data as a force to improve lives.

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